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About ESL Careers

ESL Careers is a jobs website focussed exclusively on English teachers, be they ESL Teachers or any other type, and teaching vacancies from all around the world. The site was created by current ESL Teachers who got fed up with ‘jobs’ websites that were crammed with irrelevant advertising and dodgy job adverts. We wanted to create something simple, but better for real users. The website is intended to be non-profit, so we allow advertisers to publish a single advert for free, and charge only a nominal fee for additional job adverts, simply to cover our operating costs.

Looking for a teaching job

Teacher contributions welcome

We welcome contributions from teachers with experience of working in countries around the world who would like to share their experiences with other teachers. If you are interested in contributing to the teaching overseas guides, please use our contact page to get in touch!

School contributions welcome

In addition to teacher experiences of working abroad, we would also welcome schools or other employers who would like to contribute a guide to working in their city or country. The guides need to be about the city or country, and not just about working for a specific employer, but you are welcome to add a section at the end of the article with a description of your school and relevant contact details for teachers who are looking for employment.

That’s it!

This is a simple jobs website for English teachers, nothing more, nothing less.
We hope you find it useful!