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The ESL Careers website is specialised in teaching jobs for English teachers, both for those who teach English as a second language and as a first language. If you’re an English teacher and you’re looking for a teaching job, or an employer looking to recruit an English teacher, this website was made for you!

Finding work as an ESL / EFL Teacher

One of the great things about being an English teacher, especially if you teach English as a second language, is that there is always plenty of work available, and job opportunities in more or less every country in the world. It might not be the best paid job in the world, but teaching English as either a first and second language is a career with a genuinely long-term future. With the unquestioned importance of English as an international language, particulary in the world of international business, your prospects and opportunities as an English teacher are almost unlimited. But you probably know that already and just want to look at our job listings. So, to get started, browse the list of recent jobs below!

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About Teaching Abroad

If you’re debating looking for a job teaching English as a Second Language, browse through our guides to teaching overseas.

Life as an ESL / EFL Teacher

One of the great things about being an English teacher, especially if you teach English as a second language, is that it can be your passport to a new life. Unlike people in most professions, forced to follow the work, the ever-growing international demand for good English teachers means that your qualifications allow you to choose where you work and live. Fancy a few years living and working in Asia? There is a queue of employers waiting to help you achieve your goals. Or maybe you’d prefer South America, Europe, the Middle East or perhaps Africa?  The salaries might not be comparable, but there are plenty of jobs available.

Why Teach?

There are probably as many reasons for becoming a teacher as there are teachers in the world, but many teachers say that they chose the profession because they love the sense of achievement and having the ability to make a difference, being able to use their creativity, the love of their subject, be it English or Art, plus of course the fun of working with youngsters. The ability to travel is rarely mentioned, mostly because the majority of people entering teaching spend a large part of their careers working at a single school. Passports don’t enter the equation. However, that’s not true for English teachers; ESL Teachers to be more precise. Are you interested in a teaching job that allows you to travel the world?

Teaching English Abroad 1050

Teaching English Abroad

Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL or TEFL) is an international industry and, if you are qualified to teach English as a second language, the world is quite literally your oyster. In almost any country you care to name, there are always jobs available for properly qualified English teachers. These may not list amongst the world’s best-paid jobs, but they offer all the attractions of any other teaching job, plus the added benefit of living and working in the country of your dreams.

For those of you are just thinking of working abroad, we have put together a series of articles about working overseas in general, and on teaching in specific countries. We hope you find them useful!


Recruiting Teachers?

If you’re an employer looking to recruit an English teacher or teachers, this website is exclusively dedicated to jobs for English teachers, whether they teach English as a first or second language. If you are new to this site, you can place your first job advert without any charge. Your job advert will be displayed for 45 days, though you can close and cancel it at an earlier date if you desire.

In order for employers to post a job, you must first register. This takes about 30 seconds… If you have posted a free job with us before you will need to upgrade your registration and choose an advertising package. This site exists as a non-profit website and so advertising costs are exceptionally low, as you will see.  Once you have registered and paid for your advertising (and logged in) you will see an extra item in the ‘Employers’ menu called ‘post a job’. If you click this you will be taken to the job advert submission page.

Once you have posted a job, it will be submitted for approval by the site administrators. Approval is normally performed in less than 8 hours on weekdays, but may take up to 24 hours at weekends and during holiday periods. You can edit your job advert(s) at any time, even before it has been approved.

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