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Advertise your teaching vacancies for English teachers on ESL Careers, the recruitment website dedicated to teaching jobs for English Teachers. Advertising a teaching job is easy; register (if you haven’t done so already), login, create your advert and hit the submit button.

Advertising on ESL Careers isn’t expensive. If you only have a one-off teaching vacancy, you can advertise it for free. After that, or if you wish to post regular adverts, we offer a choice of advertising packages suitable for schools or recruitment agencies, with individual job adverts costing as little as £4 each for 45 days. Employers must register first in order to post jobs.

Simple terms

We have a few simple terms that we ask employers to adhere to; Jobs must be properly described, the location and requirements must be clear, adverts must relate to a specific job and should identify what contract terms are on offer. We will not publish any advert that requires job applicants to pay in order to apply or be considered for a job. Employers must provide their full verifiable details including address and contact details. The email address to which candidates should send applications must be registered as belonging to the employer.

Looking for a teacher

ESL Careers – Advertising Costs

  • Trial Offer
  • Free
  • Single Job Advertisement
  • Job displayed for 45 days
  • Good for one-off adverts
  • Standard Display Positioning
  • Occasional Advertiser
  • £24
  • Advertise 3 jobs within next 12 months
  • Each job displayed for 45 days
  • Ideal for small schools
  • Standard Display Positioning
  • Regular Advertiser
  • £48
  • Advertise 12 jobs within next 12 months
  • Each job displayed for 45 days
  • Ideal for recruitment agencies
  • Standard Display Positioning


  • Employers must register before job adverts can be placed.
  • For security, employers must provide full details during the registration process and before an advert can be accepted.
  • For security, jobs must be submitted using the employer’s email account, not Outlook, Gmail, hotmail, etc.
  • Job adverts must be approved by site admin before being published, and this may take up to 24 hours.
  • Jobs must be properly described and include information about work location, contract type, teaching hours, etc.
  • If a company logo is not provided, we will attach the flag which relates to the country the job is in.
  • We will not accept job adverts which require applicants to pay anything, either for application, approval or similar.
  • We reserve the right to refuse to publish any adverts that do not comply with our terms.
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